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Take your next step to protect our planet

Personalised, evidence-based advice for people who want to eat more sustainably


Based on your existing habits, preferences and goals, receive tailored advice on how you can minimise your impact and eat more sustainably.

How it works

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Tell us about your current habits and goals via the discovery questionnaire

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Receive your detailed, personalised 

advice pack


Join personal coaching and  make the change a reality 

Implement sustainable changes straight away 

Specific, relevant advice

No generic or sweeping statements. We tell you exactly what changes to your daily habits will make the biggest impact. 

Immediate changes that stick

Realistic suggestions that can be implemented straight away.

No food is off-limits

Maintain the freedom to choose what you eat: all food groups can be eaten as part of a sustainable diet. The advice takes into account your preferences and cultural heritage.

Not a diet plan! 

Your recommendations will be all about food, but are not health advice. We discuss ingredients, shopping, cooking, kitchen management and the supply chain. 

For everyone

Your advice starts from your current habits, so whether you have never considered sustainable eating before, or are a sustainability whizz, it will be right for you.


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