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The Seven Principles for Sustainable Eating

In a previous blog, we explored what being truly sustainable means: choosing food which benefits your health, our environment, and our society.

Today, I want to talk about how to put that into action, using the Sustainable Food Society's seven principles for sustainable eating. These principles capture everything you need to know to make truly sustainable food choices.

These principles are to guide and support you when you make food decisions each day. Look out for the next blog posts where I'll be diving into each in loads of detail on each principle, explaining what it’s all about and how to put it into practice in your daily life.

Principle 1: Real food is best

Eat real, whole foods and avoid ultra-processed "food"

Principle 2: Rarely eat meat

Eat high-welfare meat, rarely

Principle 3: Prioritise plants

Eat mostly plants; many different types

Principle 4: Local & seasonal

Buy local foods in season

Principle 5: Respect the ocean

Eat well sourced fish rarely

Principle 6: No waste

Eat everything; reduce packaging

Principle 7: Conscious consumption

Mindful eating for enjoyment and gratitude

For more information on the principles, follow me on Instagram, or get a personal assessment of how these principles apply to you!



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