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Personalised advice pack and coaching

Up to eight personal recommendations plus coaching support

  • 50 euros

You will receive the personal advice pack PLUS private coaching and support to help you implement your recommended changes.  ​ The coaching will be completed via video call, and will be made up of: - One 60 minute session directly after receiving your advice pack - One 30 minute follow-up session a month later ​ During the coaching, you will receive:  - Further explanation and teaching about your personal recommendations - Answers to your specific questions (it will also be possible for us to discuss topics of interest to you that are not mentioned in your advice pack) - Guidance as you prioritise your recommendations - Support to create an action plan   - Exploration and strengthening of your motivations to allow more effortless change - Identification of the barriers to change and how to overcome these - An introduction to mindfulness - Accountability

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