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Personalised assessment 

Receive personalised recommendations for how you can make more sustainable food choices 


Personalised assessment and coaching 

Personalised recommendations plus 3 sessions of individual coaching and ongoing text support


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video call

Free 30 minute video call to discuss a topic or questions of your choosing 

Advice pack
Personalised assessment 

Starting from a detailed assessment of your existing habits, preferences and goals, you will receive specific, realistic recommendations for the most impactful changes you can make to maximise your sustainability. Your recommendations will be tailored to you, and are designed so that you can start to implement them immediately. 


You will receive:

  • A breakdown of your sustainability status

  • Two to three guiding sustainability principles that are most relevant to you 

  • Four to eight specific recommendations on changes you can make to eat more sustainably

  • Detailed information and evidence 

  • A framework for implementing the advice

Price: €50 / £45 

Pack + coaching
Personalised assessment and coaching 

You will receive the personalised assessment described above, PLUS private coaching and support to help you implement your recommended changes. 

The coaching will be completed via video call, and will be made up of: 

  • One 30 minute session directly after receiving your advice pack

  • Two 30 minute follow-up sessions 

During the coaching, you will receive: 

  • Further explanation and teaching about your personal recommendations 

  • Answers to your specific questions (it will also be possible for us to discuss topics of interest to you that are not mentioned in your advice pack)  

  • Guidance as you prioritise your recommendations

  • Support to create an action plan  

  • Exploration and strengthening of your motivations to allow more effortless change

  • Identification of the barriers to change and how to overcome these

  • An introduction to mindfulness 

  • Accountability 

Price: £150 / €135

Ask me anything video call 

Have a question? Have a specific sustainable food topic you want to discuss? Don't want to sign-up for the services on offer? 

Book a free 30 minute video call to discuss anything you like. We will exchange a few emails to prepare for the call, to ensure you get maximum value. 

Ask me anything
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